• Interested in communicating easily with parents, or posting homework assignments and resources online? Blogs, or web logs, allow you to easily create and maintain a presence on the web. (No prior knowledge of web design needed.) This 3 hour workshop will introduce you to the world of blogging.
    We will examine existing blogs, look at how blogs can be used in the classroom, and by the end of the workshop, have you up and running with your own blog. No experience necessary.
  • This course is designed as an introduction to moving a face to face course online into Moodle.

  • My Space… Facebook… blogging… Flickr… podcasting… Wikipedia… social bookmarking… If you have heard these terms, but don't have a clue what they mean, you need to come to this workshop. This is the world our students live in. Today the Internet is not just about static web pages, but, dynamic content maintained by web users themselves. It is also a world that holds lots of promise for classroom instruction. In this workshop we will explore the world of Web 2.0 and offer many examples of how this new web can be used in the classroom.

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